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This Is My Story


I'm Hannah Jones, recently married to my high school sweetheart Seth Jones and mother of our beautiful kitty Honey. I love modeling, it's been a passion of mine since I was a child along with art and acting. But most of all, I love creating desserts! Cakes in particular are my favorite, especially highly detailed designs! I am always open to trying new things and constantly learning more and more about all my crafts and hobbies.


My Journey

Where it all began.

I never thought in a million years I would be a cake decorator. I was working at Whole Foods as an in-store shopper before I made friends with the manager in the bakery department in 2021. So when a position opened up in the bakery I ran to try and win the spot! It seemed to be high paced and busy, which I love. So when I got the job I was ecstatic! The job mainly consisted of packing cookies and making coffees among other things. On occasion it would also include the duties of decorating 6 pack cupcakes, nothing fancy just a star tipped swirl. It was my favorite thing when I got the chance to do them, which my manager picked up on. So he decided to put me in the back and learn cake decorating so I could help while a co-worker was going on vacation for her wedding. I decorated a cake for the very first time in my life. I instantly fell in love!! I learned everything from the best and sweetest mentor I could've asked for, Tawana Cockerham. Who I am forever grateful for for showing me just how much I love this career. 

Now here I am, showcasing my heart and soul through cake and desserts and fully expressing my creativity. 

My Action

Ingredients and time matter.

Coming from a grocery store like Whole Foods, it has  taught me the importance of freshness and the ingredients we used to create our desserts. To me it truly matters what I use in my desserts. I take my time to research ingredients I use to know I am not only doing right by my customers but also the environment around me. For example, when choosing my eggs I only buy fresh free range farm eggs so I know the chickens have been humanely treated. Plus, happy chickens mean happy eggs and therefore a great tasting dessert! By taking this extra time and step to research my resources, I know exactly what I am putting into my sweets. 


My Mission

And promise.

My mission is to bring the best ingredients for the best taste, hand crafted with care, and detail oriented perfection to all of my desserts. For every occasion around the sun, it should be celebrated with the best desserts possible!

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